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Welcome, I’m the Spokane Computer Commando  Spokane Computer - Doug

Where Spokane folks come for all their Spokane computer needs.


With my 30+ years in computers, I probably have the answers you need.


Around the Spokane computer scene I’m known as the Spokane Computer Commando and own  Migrated to Spokane back in 1965 and have been in the computer service industry since 1978.  Got my start working on Air Force computers that took up entire buildings then worked my way down to personal computers.

Spokane computer…

Solutions you can count on!

I’ve been the Spokane Computer Commando since 2004.  I joined a referral networking group (BNA) in April of 2004 and one day someone introduced me as the Computer Commando and the name stuck.

Spokane computer techs come in all shapes & sizes.  I have the experience (30+ years and A+ certified)  so your Spokane computer experience is always first class.  Read the full bio of The Spokane Computer Commando

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As the Spokane Computer Commando I’m your ultimate computer resource, think of me as your concierge for Spokane computers.

Spokane Computer Commando Services Include (but are not limited to):


  • Design – start to finish or any tweaks in between
  • Optimization – search engine rankings/positioning
  • E-Commerce – sell your “stuff” from your website
  • Marketing – blogging, content creation, pay per click search engines

Remember…No “Web Cripples” Allowed!
I teach you how to be self sufficient on the net, no hand holding needed!!

For your next crisis remember the

Spokane Computer Commando

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Need Web Design?

Find out about my web design services here:
Spokane Web Wizard


Really sorted out the MySql problems I was having.

S. Wary, Spokane

My machine runs as fast as it did when it was fresh out of the box!

R. Fields, Spokane

Thanks so much for the search engine coaching, you’ve made finding the things I’m interested in quick and easy now.

K. McGillis, Spokane

Your tips and training to get my webpage to the top of the search engine pile are the best I’ve seen.

K. Long, Coeur d’Alene

Those free virus and firewall programs you told me about really work.

L. Shay, Spokane



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